How Independent Mortgage Advisors Help Financial Planners Overcome Their No.1 Enemy


Independent mortgage brokers are helping Financial Planners in two key areas.

First, and perhaps most importantly, mortgage brokers are able to access more mortgage programs that allow borrowers to purchase homes with less money down and with lower rates. The key to any solid financial plan is not only managing returns but also managing debt. The better the debt management, the more investable assets the client will have.

Second, independent mortgage brokers are protecting financial planners assets by placing their clients at mortgage banks that do not cross market their clients.

The independent mortgage broker is in the same referral based business you are and most understand the importance of delivering exceptional service. By partnering with the right  mortgage broker that shares a similar mindset you can ensure your clients will receive a mortgage experience that is in line with your expectations.

If you’d like to have a consultation about how this model for boomeranging more clients back to you works, then contact me!

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