Bankers Stealing Your Clients With This Little Known Real Estate Trick


You could lose it all…

One Real Estate transaction could cost you your best client. Time and again, I hear the same story: “My client went out looking for a house and their Real Estate agent introduced them to a mortgage banker at…” (insert large institutional bank with financial planning services here). “Their mortgage guy told my client that he could drop their rate by .5% if he moved his portfolio over to his company.”

Big bank financial planners are using mortgage rates as the trojan horse to steal your clients. You need to take control of your clients real estate transactions so you can ward off these threats.

By partnering with an independent real estate team you can ensure that your portfolio is properly protected. We are all independent together and understand the importance of protecting our book of business and referrals.

Contact me today so we can set up an independent consultation and help put your mind at ease.

Becca Green
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